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Our Mission

SettleMint Financial provides its clients with financial resources so that they can maintain their standard of living during a lawsuit. We exist to provide our clients with bridge funding while their lawyer works hard to obtain a fair settlement. 

SettleMint Financial prides itself on elite customer service and having the lowest plaintiff’s litigation loan rates in the country.

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Better Rates

Lower and more transparent interest rates

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Amazing Service

24 hour client support

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Fast Loan Processing

Expedited loan processing times so our clients can access cash quickly and easily

Clients will thank you for recommending SettleMint.

SettleMint offers the most competitive rates in the settlement loan industry. While most of our competitors offer interest rates in the range of 20% – 24%, we work with law firms to provide clients with cheaper and more transparent lending solutions. 

Our loans save clients hundreds of dollars over the term of their loan. And while most lenders typically enforce a minimum interest period of six months (a prepayment penalty in disguise), SettleMint’s loans have no minimum interest periods.  


Beyond our low rates, why do lawyers love us?

  • Administration fee (already lowest in the country) is COMPLETELY WAIVED when clients/lawyers switch to SettleMint from a different provider

  • Our team can recommend top experts in the country should lawyers need assistance in finding the right expert for their case

  • Disbursement financing available

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