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What is a settlement loan?

Litigation loans are cash advances received prior to settlement or the resolution of your case. Borrowers receive money from us while they wait for their case to settle or for a result at trial.

A SettleMint loan does not burden clients with recurring monthly interest payments or fees. Instead, the loan accrues over time and is payable in one lump sum when a settlement is awarded to the borrower. This helps alleviate the pressure on the borrower’s monthly expenses. Loan repayment is delayed until the borrower has an improved financial situation because they will have a settlement in hand.

SettleMint exists to provide our clients with the most affordable and transparent loans. We provide this service so customers can cover day to day expenses while they wait for their ongoing case to settle. We take pride in having the lowest rates in the industry.

Improving Client Financial Condition

SettleMint’s clients use our settlement loans to pay their mortgages, rent and other living expenses that mount up while waiting for their cases to settle. SettleMint can help clients manage cash flow while they wait for the legal process to run its course.

It is not uncommon for insurance companies and others to delay payment to force the plaintiff, our client, to settle for less. SettleMint can help bridge the gap and pay the borrower’s bills so they don’t have to jump at the first settlement offer. Plaintiffs may have to wait months or years to receive payment. We try to make this process much smoother with our lending solutions. 

Is all of this loan terminology confusing to you? Just know these different names are used interchangeably.

We realize that you might have heard many different names for this type of loan. While they all reference the same idea, here’s a list of the various names that people use for this type of loan – 

Settlement loan

Litigation loan

Lawsuit loan

Plaintiff advance

Pre-settlement financing

Don’t worry – they all mean the same thing. Just know that SettleMint is here to help!

Let's get your client back on track.

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